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Current intro, and historical interview.

Yann is a private and mystical individual who has lived and travelled in many parts of the world, integrating wisdom and influences from diverse realms. After more than a decade of honing his skills, perfecting his techniques, gaining inspiration from unique and varied sources, he focused on distinctive signature displays of novel work. Yann is drawn to the raw unfiltered aesthetic of “art brut”, which portrays the primal, instinctual expression of self beyond conditioning. Yann has gained extensive empirical experience in the field of contemporary art over 25 years.

Metaphysical allegory is woven into the work, experience and history of the idiosyncratic artist. At times intellectually conceptual, but mostly purely visceral, his work covers an eclectic spectrum, mostly of abstraction.

A mélange of consciously mottled tones and intricately dappled colours delight the senses with a subtle and sublime patina. The result is an exquisite symphony of form, shape, colour and light. Subtleties of form, tone, texture and colour move freely between different mediums in a sensual unity of abstraction.

Yann is an inter-disciplinary artist who loves subtle colours and palettes, often reflecting pastel like tones, perhaps a natural reference to his south of France (Mediterranean) heritage. He is also working with " street marker pens", thick marker pens which flow with aerosol style paint. Yann produces distinctive yet varied and multifaceted works. He is a master within his own organic oeuvre. The brush and the compositions, the materials, merge with effortless synergy. He creates abstract compositions of spontaneous energetic source-code transmission. Purposely unschooled, and self taught over more than a decade, Yann never deviated from his gift for nuanced tonality and "neo tribal" abstraction, exuding soulful content.

Yann exudes an artistic sensibility within his life. His eye, his perceptive analysis, and unconventional lifestyle speak of mastery and purity of intention. He attended a Rudolph Steiner school in formative years which focused on creativity and a holistic approach to education. Born in London in 1975 to a French mother and English father he was mostly brought up in the Cotswolds, England, later settling in London. He has travelled extensively and gained eclectic influences, living overseas for extended periods.

Primarily his experience of and interaction with contemporary art has been in London, Paris, Basel, Venice, and NYC.

Yann says, "I create work to express a harmonic, asymetrical yet symbiotic frequency. Art for me is about expressing and interacting with higher states of consciousness." It can return the observer to a unified field of resonant consciousness, through visual interaction and absorption, on the energetic and aesthetic levels. A frequency reminiscent of the creative void or source consciousness is transmitted through deep powerful work.

Yann is always expanding his oeuvre, body of work, and creative expression. He is also interested in mystical, esoteric and metaphysical knowledge which he has integrated into his life in a contemporary format.

Yann works with sacred shamanic herbs, such as sage, to purify the atmosphere and connect with the plant realms. Being in a unified, embodied energetic field and state of resonant consciousness creates a synergistic flow with the brush, the paint or the medium, which is reflected in the artwork. 

Neo-Tribalism, Ego & Identity

After analytic critical intervention, its clear that many works reflect on "identity", in the current zeitgeist. The shifting cultural changes resulting from globalisation, where identity has been more fluid and amorphous. He is perfectly poised to reflect on these neo tribal themes with collage and paintings representing diversity, and synergistic flow.

Within that diversity, abstraction, the synergy of dynamic form, colour, texture and shape, we encounter a fresh perspective, drawing us inward to the origins of life. This is an embodied artistic expression and not merely intellectual narrative. The source ( a tantric perspective), or the creative void, emerges in the work. This is what unites cultural disparity. There is a novel fusion of forms and style, minimal and intricate simultaneously, polarities are unified in manifest matter.

There are allusions to neo-tribal novelty, with glyph like shapes reminiscent of ancient tribal languages, and archetypal symbolic shapes. Yann is also a connoisseur and collector of antique tribal textiles, fragments of which are often cut and pasted onto the canvas for additional texture and visual appeal, fusing the ancient and contemporary.

Abstract textile collages, sometimes including shells or pebbles from the beach, reflect the calling of the natural world and in some instances provide a unique backdrop to paint and colour.

In the modern context tribalism has re-emerged as populist culture. Outdated cultural myths, are challenged by unprecedented change. An increasing cultural fluidity and multiculturalism, spurred by social media and globalism has created a populist backlash. Many other novel underground manifestations of tribalism are also resurgent in these transformational times. It seems that when people feel their cultural identifications are being threatened by newly emerging narratives, they often cling to hackneyed clichés for a sense of re-assurance.

With the current crises of the corona pandemic, peoples sense of identity has entered an even more ambiguous phase. Currently, the governmental desire for ever increasing population control and the corresponding urgent need for social change and geopolitical business restructuring, are clashing dramatically. Individual and cultural identity is in somewhat of a crises or major transition, creating additional insecurity.

Identity is the prime manifestation of ego on which people depend for their sense of personal self, meaning, context and purpose. When those affiliations feel threatened, become opaque or unclear, ancestral visceral tribal feelings are often stirred. Territorial boundaries and feelings become inflamed due to insecurity and sensitivity. This process can be exciting, progressive and evolutionary or dangerously rigid, oppressive and regressive, depending on who is leading the narrative and forming public opinions during times of cultural shift. When fear is in the driving seat, the verdict looks grim for the masses.

Within this context old ways of doing things quickly become obsolete and culture at large is required to re-asses and re-evaluate the way it has been operating and the systems on which it depends. In todays highly complex and inter-related societies, the challenges faced are greater than ever before. Yann believes that to overcome the global challenges faced by humanity, a more inclusive, emotionally stable and compassionate model needs to evolve beyond reactive tribal fight or flight unconscious behaviour. This process requires insight, intelligence, being aware of boundaries, while welcoming respectful interaction and tolerance. Moving beyond narcissism into inclusion and respect.

Yann was introduced to advaita-vedanta non-dual awareness at an early age. This contributed to an instinctual and intrinsic feel for transcendent awareness and identification with source consciousness, soul or spirit. The essential sense of Self ( beyond ego) originating from the " essence", of being, beyond the acquired conditioning which society and culture breeds. This created a stabilising root awareness which is reflected and transmitted through the artwork that he creates.

There are also multiple references (some of which are ironic) to more general cultural affiliations, juxtapositions and viewpoints, yet the works still point to a reflection of transcendent awareness. While Yann does not tend to work from an analytic state of mind, or pretentiously reference diversity, it is just a natural expression of his lifestyle and history. Titles and analysis are generally composed after completion, observation and reflection.

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